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Hi, yes. Still remember me? I should hope so! Anyway, I've moved to brilliantly
Don't pee your panties in excitement, I'm not back for good, I just need a place to get away from the preppiness of GJ. And I need a place to really confide in. Or my thoughts. Or something.
Anyway, add me there please?

I wanted this to be separate entry.

My dog is dead. The cancer had spread throughout her body, and she wasn’t eating anymore, so my mom took her to be put down.
I’ve had her for so many years, and I can’t think of one single time when she wasn’t there with me.
To be saying that I’ll be missing her is an understatement.
But it’s for the better, and that’s the way things have to be, I suppose.

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fate fell short this time

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Sadly, I’ve been abandoning my journal. Whoops.

Okay today was kinda sucky people that were supposed to be my friends were really bitchy to me.
I don’t feel like going into the stuff much, because I’ll just cry or something. :(
Anyway at the beginning of lunch I had to go to the B Block (at that moment we were at the F Block) really urgently, and Lezané was taking her fucking time to get to the F Block, so Christine and I went quickly. It wasn’t something that I could just leave, ya know.
Anyway, when we were there I did my stuff and everything, and so then she needed the bathroom really bad, and the bathroom is really close to the B Block, so we quickly went there. We seriously didn’t take more than 5 minutes.
But then when we get out, Lezané walks up to us, and like yells at us and is all, ‘why didn’t you wait for me’ and stuff. So I was like, dude, Christine was about to pee her pants. Should she have done that for you? And then Lezané was all, yeah, she could’ve.
I mean that’s so damn pathetic.
And then later she had written letters to us, and she gives them to us, and when I finished reading mine, I go look at Christine’s,, and then lezane freaks out, so I know that I have to see what’s written in there, and I snatch the letter and read it and she’s writing stuff about me. And in the letter she wrote to me she was acting so sweet. Two faced cunt.
And after school she acts like nothing’s wrong or anything. I’m like, ‘wtf dude, you just wrote shit about me to my best friend. Wtf?!’
And a bunch of my teachers were in a car accident the weekend, and I was freaking out because it’s like my fave teachers and everything. At lunch I was trying to find Yolandi, and I passed one of the teachers that hurt his neck, and I stop to talk to him, and then when I walk away again, lezane makes fun of him and says that he looks silly. That pissed me off, he could’ve died, but she just showed no compassion. I’m getting sick of her shit. >:O
I had 5 off periods in which we just talked. Fun.
And after school I was really close to the Jacqueline gate where I leave, so I’m one of the first kids to get at the gate, but it’s locked. So we stand around for a loooong time, and there are so many people, gawd. Then I looked around for someone I knew, and like right behind me was Conrad. I went and stood with him and we talked a bit, and then when Wilson opened the gate I walked in front of him, and he said that I had a nice ass. lmfao.
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Limp Bizkit is coming to South Africa. Yes, I am slow.
I would <3 to go (and I'm already making plans), but yet it's probably gonna be @ the MTN dome, and the MTN dome is probably gonna be all 'Over 18'. Sigh.

Today in art Chris straddled a wall. You should've seen it.
We were sitting in the um balcony because the classes were full, and he was all, I bet you I could straddle that wall. I bet him he couldn't, and then he climbed on the balcony. But then the bell rang and he almost fell down. God it was funny. Haha he's cute.

EDIT: Yes, Limp Bizkit are @ the MTN Dome in Joburg on 6 (or 5?) April. Hmm. Thanks cute radio dude for the info. :x
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um i have a job. i found one. i'm working [or going to be working] with two of my friends and another guy. other than that i have nothing to say.
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Well wow school is still fun. We’re now 26 kids, 5 girls. And Benjamin left our class. :[ It was so funny when he terrorized the freshmen.
And I have a crush on some guy. Yes. We almost kissed today. Things are moving a bit too fast, lmao. Nah, just kidding about the moving too fast part. The kissing part is true, though. :D
It’s been raining all day for a couple of days now. It’s so much fun to have these little water fights. And I have like new best friends or something. :x haha.
Ah right now my life is fucking perfect, and for the sake of perfectness I’m going to be ignoring the various comments I have been receiving about me being anorexic.
Lalala bye.
place your hand in mine

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Hmm…school. Fun.
No but seriously it was fun.
We had assembly, and I couldn’t really talk with my friends because I was a bit late, but we kinda talked with each other during assembly. We also got introduced to the new 8th graders. Awwww. They were dressed differently than we were, but they looked pretty crap. The funny thing about them is that half of them hadn’t realized what was cool at our school: to pull your belt really low down on your hips and pull up your socks. So all of them still had the little things that our belts are supposed to go into and their socks were way down on their ankles.
And anyway, they don’t have to carry a brick around or wear tights. Unfair.
And then the *9th graders* went to the hockey pavilion to get sorted and stuff. Hmm. We were kidding around about it and stuff, but it was still kinda stressing. Kinda. They called me out, and I was standing there in the front while they read a bunch of guys names, and I was like… ‘Dude, aren’t there any girls in this class?!’ and I was right. There are only 6 girls and like 28 guys. I’m in Mr. Kraamwinkel’s class, which is cool, considering I could’ve ended up with meanies that I don’t like like Mrs. Forssman and people like that. But I’m glad I’m at Kr, because we’re a really small class, and already everybody’s like best friends. :)
Anyway, Lezané’s in Mrs. Richmuller’s class, and Christine is with Mrs. Maree. I’m really glad I didn’t end up there.
And here’s my schedule. Fun.
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Note how many double periods we have, and how much Art and Technical Drawing we have in a week, and how little English we have in a week. Last year it was totally different. Plus those Flexi periods? Duuude. And you have to admit, that that is a monster of a schedule. But I guess it’s nice because it’s kinda constantly changing or something? I dunno.
Today was Tuesday, so it was Day 2. We sat in our Admin class up until break, and then they announced that we were going to have periods 2-6, with the periods being like ten minutes long. Comp was gross, because I got the teacher that I least wanted. TT was kinda cool because I get that at Mr. Kr, and he’s real nice to me. We just sat outside and talked. Rek I have at Mr. Cronje, he’s the guy that rescued me one night. Ha-ha. We just sat around and talked too, because he handles the textbooks of the school and he was running around the whole time. Art we have at Mr. Van Den Berg. He’s cool, everyone knows that. He’s always making jokes, but I never liked him much. But I don’t think he’ll be as bad as last year’s teacher…! And uh Maths we have at Mrs. Ferreira. I don’t know her either, but she’s kinda nice. And then we went home.
I have a bunch of teachers that I don’t know. I only know a small bunch of them, and most of them have moved classes, so we have like no clue where to go. As Elizabeth said today while we were searching for Rek, “Can’t we just sit down somewhere? We’re wandering around like a bunch of freshmen!” Hahaha. Inside joke, I guess. :)
New teachers that I know of are for LV, where we actually have two teachers, dunno their names, and in Biology and N/S…Tjaart van der Walt, I think. Hmm…haven’t seen either yet. I hope it’s that student that we had last year in Biol, he was sooooo nice. Oh and, I have another one in English. Ms. Jacobs. She’s Gerard’s brother’s girlfriend, and she can’t speak any English, yet I have her for that particular subject. :/

I got my results from my finals. I did pretty okay, considering that it was a final and all.
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I don’t think that’s too bad.

And I bought a bunch of my textbooks today after school (missed my damn soapies, the queue was so long!). They didn’t have Maths, so I only got an English Manual, Technical Drawing thing, Nature Sciences thing, History/Geography. They’re really thin (not like last year), and they cost R176 altogether. The cool thing is that if they’re in mint condition at the end of the year we just get to sell them back at the school and get our money back. Last year we couldn’t do that. It’s better that way too, because my textbooks are filled with random drawings and highlighted all over.

I have a test tomorrow, which absolutely SUCKS. Plus we have a new system thing that if you fail any test, you sit detention for 3 hours. !!! usually it was just like and hour and half…:[

Oh the people in my class that I know are: Nico, Ryno, Rheinhard, Jean, Coenrad (but not my friend), Johan, Johan, Natania and Esmarie. I just pray that I don’t have to sit close to Nico in anything like last year, because he used to get me into soooo much trouble, lol. :)

Oh and the last post using sms_to_lj wasn't me being all gay. Really. I was too tired to do anything, so I gave my cellphone to someone and told them to type. It cost me a lot of money...usually an SMS is only 75c at most, but this one cost more than R4. That's a Coke I could've bought!
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